MetroCentre Construction

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A dark and dreary backdrop to the MetroCentre is soon being transformed into this. A bright and cheery club section lined with hospitality suites.

"The three levels with the club bar on the first floor the new concourse concession area with restrooms and the third floor which will be a party deck," says MetroCentre General Manager Corey Pearson.

But first, all items located on the west side of the arena must be cleared so demolition can begin in June. Next up, ordering new elevators and escalators and replacing four tattered score boards with a giant video board at center ice. However not all original projects will be completed, including an electrical system upgrade.

"We're gonna put on a replacement time frame so every few years we're putting part of it in so we don't have as we do now all of a sudden everything is 26 years old and we're trying to find what we can save," Pearson says.

The MetroCentre renovation will cost 20-million dollars and is expected to be all done by this November.

We won't be able to call the MetroCentre the Big Orange Box for much longer. Management is working on getting naming rights sponsors. That's who decides what the outside of the building looks like. And from what I hear, it most likely won't be orange. Most events will continue during construction.

If you're interested to seeing how construction on the MetroCentre is progressing, there will be a camera set up inside where you can catch streaming video online. The MetroCentre is still setting it up. So as soon as we find out, we'll let you know when it's available.