Autism Treatments

It's the fastest growing developmental disability in the US, autism.

One in 150 kids now have the neurological disorder and doctors are not yet clear on what causes it and there is no cure but a treatment now done here in Rockford is making significant strides.

Grant Walter is autistic when 23 News first met him he could not talk. That was four years ago now he’s talking clearly and on his way to being on his own in his 2ND grade class.

Grant's mom attributes much of this recent improvement to hyperbaric oxygen treatments at a center in Rockford.

In the treatment center chamber, 100% oxygen is circulated in a pressurized environment meaning more is absorbed into the body. Oxygen helps the healing process and the theory is this speeds that process along.

But the treatment is expensive, about $5,000 for 40 sessions and it's not covered by medical insurance because while it's been done for several decades now it's still considered experimental.

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