Over 730,000 Pounds of E-Waste Recycled

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Neighbors in the Stateline have helped keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of e-waste out of our landfills by taking advantage of the giant electronic waste recycling bins at two local gas stations.

It's been a year since Universal Recycling Technologies installed two e-recycling bins in Rockford at the Mobile gas station on South Rock Drive and East State Street near Lyford Road. The company says 734,508 pounds of e-junk has been hauled away. That includes old computers, TVs, printers, and DVD players. We can drop off items any day between 7am and 10pm.

"Oh it's very confident to have this here. It's the only way we can get rid of them. If we take them to the land fill we basically have to pay to get rid of them,” says Tim Miles uses the bins multiple times a week. “I'm out of Belvidere so this one is convenient. I've used the one on South Rock a few times since then but mostly this one. I've probably thrown a thousand TVs in here."

Neighbors in Rockford will soon be able to put small electronics in their recycling bins at home. Once the new 32 gallon bin is delivered, neighbors can recycle things like key boards or calculators. A sheet with the entire list comes with the new bin. It should be delivered in the next few weeks.

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