Dangerous Intersection

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"His seat was securely in, he was anchored down he had the shoulder straps on he was totally secure in his seat belt."

Even with safety precautions, 22 month-old Nicholas Gurley couldn't be protected from the fatal crash at Belvidere Road and Route 173 intersection.

"I came to a complete stop but I did not see the car approaching me on the left because there's a blind spot," Gurley says.

Tina Gurley's van was then smashed by an oncoming car. And the blond, curly-haired boy with the contagious laughter was robbed of life.

"For one person to die at that intersection is just or to be hurt is a horrendous injustice to everyone who uses that road."

So now Gurley is urging the Winnebago County Highway Department to make the intersection a four-way stop or add stop lights. Because right now the speed limit is 55 and there's only one pair of stop signs.

"I'm gonna do everything in my power to get that changed. Nicholas's death is not gonna be in vain."

Gurley's students at Lewis Lemon Elementary School have also started a letter writing campaign. Begging lawmakers to improve the intersection's safety before someone else is killed.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is already working on a plan to make the intersection safer. They've just established funding to add turn lanes and traffic signals. However, construction won't begin until about a year from now. But they are working on a temporary plan to help drivers in the meantime

There's a benefit next week for the Gurley family. It's on Thursday, May 10th from six to eight-thirty at Lewis Lemon Elementary School.