Hospital Growth

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Stateline hospitals are breaking a lot of ground and doing more celebrating lately. In the past two years alone, Rockford Memorial has invested $15 million in capital improvements from an expanded operating room and emergency department to new rehab facilities.

"We really are able to offer some clinical programs in a much better format to the community that did not exist previously," said Rockford Memorial Hospital CEO, Gary Kaatz.

Kaatz says hospitals are responding to patients’ needs and an explosion of ever-changing medical technology. Up the street at Swedish American hospital, a $32 million renovation was completed recently, including upgrades to the emergency department and or.

"We've seen the steady growth over time. That's been experienced across the entire system," said Swedish American Hospital CEO, Bill Gorski.

So what's driving this growth in the medical field?

"As we look to the future, we look to the baby boomer generation we know that we need to expand to meet the needs," said Gorski.

Stateline hospitals are seeing more patients, but they're also seeing more patients with complicated illnesses.

"We're seeing tremendous increases in terms of the intensity per encounter. So we're seeing more complex surgeries, more radiology studies, more complex laboratory work ups," said Rockford Memorial's Kaatz.

As patients needs become more complex, stateline hospitals are finding ways to respond, not only does that mean top-notch health care but more jobs for the region.

These projects are being funded through community donations, loans and operation budgets. Both RMH and Swedes have more expansions and construction projects planned for the next two years.