Illegal Dumping

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Surrounded by beautiful greenery, sits a very ugly reality. Illegal dumping is thriving in Winnebago County and becoming more than a nuisance for the Rockford Airport.

"There are people that purposely discard truck loads of junk it's needless to say it's very discouraging," says RFD Executive Director Bob O'Brien

So now airport leaders are installing a closed circuit camera system with motion detectors that record ones' license plate driving near airport property, specifically the land bordering Beltline Road.

"Because it's costing us a lot of inefficiency and unnecessary expenditure of funds to try to prevent or clean-up after these people," O'Brien says.

But the dumping continues deep into the neighborhoods.

"We feel like we're living in trash city here," says resident Laverne Quamme.

Some say low-income families can't afford to pay for the pick-up of items not accepted at the local land-fill.

"They come this way to the landfill cause this is where they plan on taking it and then they found out they can't get rid of em," Quamme says.

Land-fills don't accept tires, car batteries or paint cans. And depending on where you live, larger items like couches may not be picked up as well.