Hilary Clinton Biography

NEW YORK (AP) -- A long-awaited biography of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is on its way.

The 650-page "A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton" is going to hit the shelves on June 19th. The author is reporter Carl Bernstein.

The publisher, who was also behind Bill Clinton's memoir "My Life," says Bernstein's book will cover everything from Clinton's "complex relationship with her disciplinarian father" to "her courtship with Bill Clinton" and "the dynamic of their marriage, during the most trying of circumstances and times."

It will have a first printing of 350-thousand copies.

Numerous books have been written, and are being written, about Senator Clinton. But Bernstein has a special history of digging up information, as he teamed with Bob Woodward in the 1970s for articles on the Watergate scandal. The Clintons are not involved with Bernstein's book

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