Ten-hour Standoff Keeps Police at Bay

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Residents of a Byron neighborhood have returned home after being evacuated Saturday night. Some residents were forced to sleep in their cars as police were held in a 10-hour standoff with a gunman.

The standoff began around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night when police were called to a domestic dispute in Byron. Police say when they arrived they found Owen Fouts with a shotgun hiding in his ex-wife's utility shed.

The ordeal forced some people to sleep in their cars until it was over.

Police negotiated with Fouts for nearly 10 hours. After getting nowhere, they moved in. Police used a percussion grenade to stun Owens before swat teams were able to move in and subdue him. Police say they waited until daylight because it limited the chances of anyone getting hurt.

Neighbors say that the police negotiators should be congratulated for their efforts. They said they heard them talking to the gunman all night and are the main reason that this standoff unfolded as successfully as it did.