Rockford Curfew Laws

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As parents around the country scramble to protect their children from being abducted, Rockford police are reminding parents about a state law that is designed to keep them safe.

Children under the ages of 17 are required to be home before 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 o'clock on the weekends

With more and more kids disappearing, parents are searching for new ways to protect them. But, as children increasingly stay out later and later each night, police say that the state's curfew law could help if parents just followed it.

A few months ago Rockford police conducted a curfew sweep aimed to keep kids under the age of seventeen off the streets after dark. 14 youths were found violating the curfew

Still, teenagers see this law as intrusive and unfair. They say that even though they understand the law, if they obeyed it, they couldn't do anything.

This law only affects teenagers under the age of seventeen who are not accompanied by an adult. Any youth found on the street after curfew is subject to arrest. Something some parents think should be paid attention to with all of the kidnapping cases around the country.

Rockford police say that curfew sweeps will be conducted throughout the summer and that parents should inform their children of the laws and the enforcement procedures. They say after all, they are only looking out for the safety of their children