Haskell's School Calendar Stays

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Haskell Elementary school will stay open as a year round school. This is a move that comes in the midst of the board debating financial stability of the district with the educational mission.

After numerous hurtful reductions in staff and school closings, Tuesday night’s meeting was more of a time to celebrate with hugs and tears. It all started in February that parents and kids from Haskell, the districts only year round school, started to become a familiar site at board meetings. The board had voted to change the school calendar from year round to nine months. But now the district does not need to restructure Haskell.

But even though Haskell parent’s wishes have been answered, many others are still concerned. Right now the district is still waiting on a decision from the state. The Illinois State Board of Education or ISBE is recommending that our Rockford school district can't let students out of gym. The ISBE’s recommendation will now be debated in the House and Senate education committees. School board members plan to continue to make the trip to Springfield to lobby PE waivers.

The board also approved a final list of staff reductions. Only two more clerical staff members will no longer have a job. That means the official number of staff cuts is 778.