Disabilities Act Makes Progress

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It's been twelve years since the American’s With Disabilities act was created, giving disabled Americans more opportunities to live life without a handicap.

But at the same time, disabled Americans still have trouble accessing certain building and churches. And when it comes to construction of personal wheelchair ramps 23 News reporter Joe Hamilton is here to see what's being done to open doors to all Americans.

There have been dramatic changes in local and state building codes that make access easier for disabled Americans, but as one local woman has found out, more still needs to be done.

Nancy Johnson has been trying to get a wheel chair ramp built for her two disabled children, but her contractor she says isn't doing it right.

“I woke up this morning and told them to stop,” says Raymond Hughes.

The problem is that the ramp isn't being built to be in compliance with ADA rules.

“I told them that there needs to be a ramp of four feet,” Hughes says.

Hughes is an ADA inspector for the state and stopped by to see how things were being done.

“It's not that it can’t be done. It just needs to be done right,” adds Hughes.

The problem Johnson says is that people need to have more empathy for the disabled.

“I wouldn't say they're prejudiced, but they are ignorant,” adds Johnson.

Now Johnson believes that she will finally get the ramp done and right in a couple of weeks. She just thinks it funny that the contractor building her ramp is a state agency and that they don't know ADA regulations. So even though there has been a lot of improvements over the past twelve years, there still needs to be more.