Burger Lover

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) -- How much does Jay Barr love Krystal burgers?

He loves them so much that he flies 150 miles from his Cape Coral, Florida, home several times a year to the nearest Krystal fast-food restaurant.

Barr picks up 24 burgers about ten times a year. He typically leaves around 6 a-m and is home by 8:30 a-m, sometimes before his wife even wakes up.

To honor Barr, the fast-food company has unveiled a hamburger box and drink cup with Barr's face and an airplane printed on them. Hundreds of thousands of the boxes will be distributed to about 400 restaurants in the Southeast.

Barr was one of thousands who e-mailed stories to the company about their love for Krystal's food.

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