Hotel Drowning

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A local woman is dead after employees at a local hotel find her floating in their pool, this is the second time in two months that employees at the Howard Johnson’s have had to rescue someone swimming at their hotel.

With the rash of drownings around the country and these two incidents here questions are now being raised, if lifeguards should be used at these private pools

When employees at the Howard Johnson’s found 58-year-old Katherine Johnson floating in their pool they tried their best to save her.

“We jumped in and dragged her to the shallow end to try and perform CPR. We knew we had to get her out of the pool,” says Howard Johnson Manager Steve Hollander.

Johnson had been in the water for more than two minutes when employees and guests moved her out of the pool and tried to reinstate her.

Unfortunately their efforts didn't help as Johnson died on the way to the hospital. The coroner's office believes that a heart ailment, and not drowning, may have caused the woman's death. Still, could a lifeguard have saved this woman's life, the hotel says their not sure, but they have thought about adding a lifeguard to their staff.

Now, even if a lifeguard was on duty, the coroner says they are not sure this woman could have been revived. An autopsy will be performed on Friday to determine this, but officials say that everyone who tried to save her should consider themselves a hero.