Belly Flop Fatal

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Search efforts continue to recover the body of a man who died during a bar competition over the weekend.

Crews have been searching the Rock River for three days and still haven't found the body of 52-year-old Doral Gates. Search boats are currently in the water but still haven't found his body.

Fire crews in Beloit continue to search for the body of a 52-year-old man who died on Saturday after participating in a belly flop competition.

Private boat owners have also expanded the search using their own boats to search the Rock River hoping to find Doral Gates who is believed to have drowned.

Friends of the victim continue to pay their respects along the bridge where the belly flop competition took place, and roses mark the spot where Gates is believed to have lost his life.

Meanwhile, while the search for his Gate's body continues, attention is also turning towards Diamond Jim's who held the belly flop competition. Some people say they are angry that the bar would let a man who was intoxicated jump off a bridge to win a contest especially since there were no safety measures in place, and this man is looking to file a criminal complaint against the bar for negligence.

We could not reach the owner of Diamond Jim's, but the Beloit sheriff says they plan to meet with the city of Beloit to determine if the bar violated conditions in their liquor license and if anything criminal.