Bar Contest Gone Bad

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A belly-flop contest at a Beloit bar killed one man and rescue workers are still searching for his body.

Recovery teams in Beloit have been searching the waters of the Rock River for a 52- year-old man who presumably drowned during the competition at Diamond Jim's. The contest was supposed to take place from a pier, but some contestants started jumping off a bridge on Hwy 51 and Towline Road instead, 20 feet down to the water on their stomachs.

Two belly-floppers were successful, but police say that when a 52-year-old unidentified man hit the water he bobbed up and down once and then did not come up again.

One patron tells 23 News that he plans to file a criminal misconduct complaint against the bar because he says that the bar knew the man who drowned couldn't swim and that he was intoxicated.

The Sheriff's Department is said to be looking into what if any role the bar played in the man’s death.