State Police Prepare to Crack Down on Prom Night Drinking

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With prom season just weeks away, Illinois State Police are stepping up efforts to stop teen drinking and driving.

State police are calling it operation prom/graduation N.I.T.E. NITE stands for Non-Impairment Travel Effort. They're joining forces with local law enforcement, schools, hospitals, and community organizations, all in hopes that lives will be saved.

State police met to launch the program, which includes having more police units, and two state police officers on duty for every prom and graduation ceremony. Police say they've identified every prom and graduation date, as well as location, and are prepared to enforce a zero tolerance rule. They hope that having extra police enforcing safe driving will help make prom night more enjoyable.

Police have also been going into schools to re-enact fatal crash scenes and giving students special goggles that show them what it's like to be impaired. They’re hoping the simulations will be enough reality for students.

On prom night, police will be looking at improper lane use, speed, and even the number of passengers in a car. They'll also be enforcing curfew.