Weather Affecting Orchards & Grapes

GODFREY, Illl. (AP) -- Southwestern Illinois orchard and vineyard operators will be out today to assess the damage caused by the weekend's cold weather.

Beginning Thursday, the area had an unexpected stretch of temperatures near the low 20s -- winter like weather that may have taken a heavy toll on fruit trees and grapevines.

Paul Krueger, who runs an orchard near Godfrey, visited his apple and peach trees Saturday and didn't like what he found. Krueger says he can't tell much about the apples yet, but only about one in every 50 peach buds seem to have survived.

That count would represent perhaps the worst damage in more than a decade.

The National Weather Service says the next few days' forecast calls for highs in the 50s and lows around the mid-40s.

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