Dead Beat Parents

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Picket signs and a united voice are their weapons, endurance helps keep them strong. But a victory dance is long-overdue for these single-parents. They've been waiting years for child support to arrive in the mail.

"Enough is enough they need to stop these parents men or women or whoever they brought that child into this world," says single-parent Sheri Laidig.

Thousands of estranged spouses are skipping out on responsibility, often leaving their children in the dark.

"We've had our electricity shut off before or gas. If my dad would have paid child support over the years then I don't think any of this would have happened," says Cobey Wooden, whose father left at a young age.

So now these single-parents are urging the government to criminalize child-support debt and suspend the rights of those who don't pay up. Laura Torres divorced ten years ago and says her husband owes more than 50-thousand dollars for her four kids. She thinks he might be living in Arkansas.

"I've been through the child support enforcement agency and given them his name age his birthday his social security number I know by heart and they say it's inadequate info to find him," Torres says.

Torres says agents told her that's due to privacy laws. Which she hopes changes. So all children like her own have a chance of living a better life.