Rockford Homicide

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For the second time in a week, Rockford Police are searching for clues in a homicide. This time it's 41-year-old Johnny B. Jones, who died from multiple stab wounds. Police say Jones was hanging out inside this home off 8th Street, when he got into an argument with someone who didn't live there. The argument continued outside. That's when Jones was murdered.

"This house has been problematic in the past police have been called to this residence for prostitution and drug activity," says Deputy Police Chief Greg Lindmark.

"I'm not surprised something happened because I always have to grab my kids and make them come in cause like I said all of the prostitution and all of the traffic," says neighbor Rita Lauderdale.

Lauderdale lives next door to the crime scene. And says she wanted to break her lease as soon as her two new neighbors moved in. While that's not where Jones lived, Lauderdale says you are who you hang out with.

"You know you welcome the neighbor in I already saw I didn't want to meet them they're so corrupt over there so I was like no I don't need to meet with them," she says.

Jones was married and lived off of Day Street. We tried to get a comment from family members however no one would speak to us.

Jones just got out of prison in December for unlawful use of a weapon and attempted robbery. But even then he continued to get in trouble. In fact he was ticketed Thursday, the day he was murdered for loitering and was picked up for drug possession the day before.

Police are questioning those who were at the home the time of the murder. They do not have anyone in custody at this time.