War Unready

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23 News has learned that the 333rd Military Police Unit in Freeport, which just had their tour in Iraq extended, may not be adequately supplied for battle.
That's because everything they own was shipped back home. The 333rd is presently sitting on the Kuwaiti border awaiting orders, but they have since surrendered their equipment, such as radios and armored vehicles to the troops who replaced them.
But now since the 333rd is going to remain in Iraq they are without any supplies. Even their personal belongings were sent home, including spare uniforms, boots and toiletries.
The soldiers only have what they are wearing and are being forced to purchase new uniforms and some equipment out of their own pockets. Military families have been receiving their soldier's footlockers the past few days and are now frantically re packing boxes and sending all of this gear back at their own expense.
This has angered families who don't believe the military thought this redeployment through. And they have caught he ear of some politicians.

“How demoralizing it is to be promised that this was over and that they're finally coming home and they're finally going to get back to their life as usual and then to have the rug pulled out from under them and it's happened time and time and time again. Extremely poor planning by the department of defense, said Senator Dick Durbin, D-Illinois.

The Department of Defense says they are looking into the problem with the 333rd, but assure military families that the troops will not be redeployed without the proper equipment. As for reimbursing soldiers and families, the DOD says they are looking into that