New Harrison Ave. Construction

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If you think Harrison Avenue construction has been a nuisance so far, brace yourselves because it's about to get worse.
Right now traffic moves pretty freely at Harrison Avenue and Mulford Road, but it won't for long. That's because come Monday, Mulford is going to narrow down to one lane in each direction at that intersection.
This is the latest step in the great Harrison Avenue revamp. All of Harrison has been narrowed to two lanes since last year, to allow construction workers to redo the entire surface of the road.
You're sure to have noticed that has caused serious traffic delays and this step will only add to the backup.
The project's manager says he's sorry for the inconvenience but it's the best they can do to get this necessary project done.
"In order to keep traffic moving we have to do that. We have another option of course, closing the intersection but we don't want to do that and people wouldn't like that I'm sure," says Project Manager Larry Laursen.
Laursen adds he would encourage people to find alternate routes to avoid the intersection. So get all the driving you need out there out of the way over the next few days, because after Monday it's not gonna be a pretty sight.
The south half of pavement on Harrison Avenue has already been poured. The north side should be poured soon. The whole project is set for completion in late November.