Fire Near Propane Tank

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Some tense moments late Thursday afternoon for firefighters in Belvidere. Two fires erupted almost simultaneously and within blocks of one another.
The first fire started right at Paltech, that's a pallet-making company, around 3:45 Thursday afternoon. A furnace that is used for treating wood malfunctioned and went up in flames.
Heres the scary part, the blaze started up just a few feet from a thousand gallon propane tank. Firefighters were able to contain the fire and avert a much more serious disaster. One firefighter did suffer a second degree burn on his left wrist.
Meanwhile, just five minutes away at almost the same time, an electric stove burnt out starting another fire there. No serious damages at that fire, in fact the owner was able to put it out himself before firefighters ever got there.
The furnace and the trailer it was in at the plant are both a total loss. But there was no other damage to the Paltech plant or property.