Raptors Become Pro Active

Rockford's pro football team is becoming pro active in an effort to hopefully stop shootings in the stateline.

The Rock River Raptors announced today that they're partnering with Ceasefire, the community based anti violence group. The announcement comes four days after wide receiver Darwin Pittman was accidentally shot in the stomach by fellow player Aubrey Jones. Jones was cleaning his gun at the time.

Today the Raptor's owner, Robert Lowe, said the team's coach did the right thing by firing the two players but it was necessary to take one more step by joining forces with Ceasefire to prevent gun violence in the area.

The team is still brainstorming ideas about what exactly the partnership will entail but one idea mentioned today was tailgating parties and barbecues in troubled Rockford neighborhoods.

The Raptors have chosen line backer Maurice Simpkins to serve as a liaison between the team and ceasefire.

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