Rockford Housing Project May Soon Close

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"There's no hope here, they need to tear it down," says Eugene McIntosh, who's fiance lives at Concord Commons.

Concord Commons is one of the most crime-ridden housing projects in Rockford. So now the Rockford Housing Authority wants to bring out the bull-dozers in exchange for a fresh start. And a fresh start is what some residents say they need.

"You can't grow living here in these projects your life will just deteriorate you can't better yourself really," McIntosh says.

Plans are underway to completely revamp Concord Commons. There's the possibility of turning it into senior housing, family units, market rate apartments or a mixture that includes those with low incomes. Anything to improve the lifestyle of this west-side project.

"What we know is we won't redevelop it to to be 200 plus units of the same low income housing we have here now cause we know it won't work," says Sherri Tracy, the Director of Development for RHA.

A development plan is expected to be approved in about three months. Then construction could begin in a year. As for the residents, they'd be shuffled either into other projects or get section eight or subsidized housing.

The Rockford Housing Authority is trying to find out how to handle their two-point-four million dollar mortgage on the complex. So until that is determined, no plans could be completed.