The Best & Worst Drivers

UNDATED (AP) -- Quick. Where are the safest drivers in the country?

A new magazine ranking says Des Moines, Iowa.

But the cities that follow on the list from Men's Health Magazine may be somewhat puzzling. After Des Moines are Jersey City, New Jersey; New York City; Yonkers, New York, and San Francisco.

And where are the worst drivers?

Columbia, South Carolina ,leads the list, followed by St. Louis; Greensboro, North Carolina; Jackson, Mississippi, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The survey used data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Allstate Insurance and the Governors Highway Safety Association to rank 100 cities.

The key factors in deciding the rankings include the total number of fatal accidents and fatal crashes caused by speeding.

Here's the ranking of the cities with the best and worst motorist:
Worst Drivers

100 Columbia, SC F

99 St. Louis, MO F

98 Greensboro, NC F

97 Jackson, MS F

96 Cheyenne, WY F

95 Kansas City, MO F

94 Orlando, FL F

93 Charlotte, NC F

92 Nashville, TN D-

91 Corpus Christi, TX D-

90 Albuquerque, NM D-

89 Phoenix, AZ D-

88 Providence, RI D-

87 Tampa, FL D-

86 Dallas, TX D

85 Billings, MT D

84 Wichita, KS D

83 Little Rock, AR D

82 Memphis, TN D

81 Tucson, AZ D

80 Miami, FL D

79 Las Vegas, NV D

78 Montgomery, AL D

77 Riverside, CA D

76 Jacksonville, FL D

75 San Antonio, TX D+

74 Oklahoma City, OK D+

73 Washington, DC D+

72 Fresno, CA D+

71 Bakersfield, CA D+

70 Louisville, KY D+

69 Baton Rouge, LA D+

68 Charleston, WV D+

67 Modesto, CA C-

66 Boise, ID C-

65 Tulsa, OK C-

64 Fort Worth, TX C-

63 Bangor, ME C-

62 Atlanta, GA C-

61 Toledo, OH C-

60 Lexington, KY C-

59 Austin, TX C-

58 Arlington, TX C

57 Honolulu, HI C

56 Sacramento, CA C

55 San Diego, CA C

54 Houston, TX C

53 Oakland, CA C

52 Cincinnati, OH C

51 Wilmington, DE
50 St. Petersburg, FL C

49 Detroit, MI C

48 Pittsburgh, PA C

47 Anchorage, AK C

46 Birmingham, AL C+

45 Manchester, NH C+

44 Raleigh, NC C+

43 Chicago, IL C+

42 Anaheim, CA C+

41 Madison, WI C+

40 Seattle, WA C+

39 Los Angeles, CA B-

38 Indianapolis, IN B-

37 Salt Lake City, UT B-

36 Lubbock, TX B-

35 Durham, NC B-

34 Boston, MA B-

33 Baltimore, MD B-

32 Columbus, OH B-

31 Cleveland, OH B-

30 Colorado Springs, CO B-

29 Denver, CO B-

28 Norfolk, VA B-

27 Fremont, CA B-

26 Sioux Falls, SD B

25 El Paso, TX B

24 Fort Wayne, IN B

23 Rochester, NY B

22 Milwaukee, WI B

21 Philadelphia, PA B

20 Aurora, CO B

19 Fargo, ND B

18 Hartford, CT B+

17 Omaha, NE B+

16 Portland, OR B+

15 Newark, NJ B+

14 Spokane, WA A-

13 Lincoln, NE A-

12 Burlington, VT A-

11 Richmond, VA A-

Best Drivers

10 San Jose, CA A-

9 Grand Rapids, MI A-

8 Buffalo, NY A

7 Minneapolis, MN A

6 St. Paul, MN A

5 San Francisco, CA A

4 Yonkers, NY A

3 New York, NY A+

2 Jersey City, NJ A+

1 Des Moines, IA A+

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