Homemade Pet Food

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The nationwide pet food recall began more than two weeks ago and has since expanded to many of the major brands lining store shelves. The scare has caused some owners to take matters into their own hands.
"Since the recalls we've been going to the butcher shop to grind up some meat to feed our dog. We've been giving the cats tuna fish instead of canned cat food," says Rockford Pet Owner Vickie Fitchie.
If you're even more ambitious than that, there are recipes all over the internet that show how to mix up a balanced pet meal. It's very difficult to do it right and one local veterinarian warns some online recipes should not be trusted.
"I would be suspicious of any website that's selling a product, selling the supplements that you need to put into the diet. I would also be suspicious if there's not some credentials involved with this website," says Mulford Animal Hospital Veterinarian Gary Salisbury.
Dr. Salisbury adds it would take a lot of money and time to maintain a balanced homemade diet for your pet over the long run. And it would be very hard to make sure they get all the needed vitamins. For now though, he says its not such a bad idea.
"Short term, really nobody, even if they came up with their own diet are going to hurt, probably their dog or cat," says Dr. Salisbury.
Some pet owners say despite their fears, their busy lives force them to take their chances.
"You know I have a child and I have to cook for her already and I just don't have time to cook fo my dog too!" says Rockford Pet Owner Sheryl Stolt.
Dr. Salisbury believes it is safe to buy store bought food, now that the source of the pet food contamination has been identified and isolated. That source was bad wheat gluten used to make foods manufactured by Menu Foods.
For more information on the recall, head to www.menufoods.com.