Outhouses For Sale

MAHOMET, Ill. (AP) -- Online shoppers have a chance to buy something really unique from central Illinois.

Officials from the Champaign County Forest Preserve District are putting 24 outhouses up for sale on e-Bay.

The five-by-six foot structures were constructed in the 1970s. They've got stools, windows, a roof vent and shingles.

Forest preserve spokesman Gerald Pagac says the outhouses are on sale to make money and room for upgraded facilities.

He says he's used e-Bay in the past to get rid of old forest preserve equipment like vehicles, T-V's and computers. The sales have brought in 30-thousand dollars.

So far, bidding has reached upwards of 300 dollars per outhouse.

To see pictures of the most recent outhouse for sale, visit w-w-w-dot-c-c-f-p-d-dot-org.