A Second Round of Staff Are Gone

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The Rockford School board approves the second round of dismissals. The board was given some initial figures in March on how many staff would go.

This 2005 budget is a work in progress. Board members initially agreed to cut about $18 million from the budget. Now, they are finding out where and who will be affected.

Rockford School District Staff Reductions:
275 - Paraprofessionals
17 - Clericals
3 - Maintenance Workers
6 - Support Personnel
19 - Part-Time Nurses

This is on top of the other staff cuts that affected teachers and administrators. Monday night’s cuts make for a grand total of 776 staff dismissals. A large number indeed but the district does employ about 4,7000 people.

Some of Monday night’s actions stem from recommendations made by our new Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson. Thompson wanted the board to re-allocate funding in four different district budget categories. These aren't additional cuts, it's just trading one cut for another. Re-allocating funds totals about $1.4 million dollars. Now by doing this the following positions will be restored.

Rockford School District’s Re-instated Positions:
4 - K-8 Assistant Principals
6 - Middle School Assistant Principals
4 - High School Assistant Principals
6 - Elementary Principals

There will be one more final list to go before the board at a future meeting.