Transit Study

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The results of a two-year transit study show need is there. Residents from south Beloit to Rockton and Roscoe could benefit from mass transit.

"There's always people who need transportation other than autos," says Joanne Schroeder of Vlecides-Schroeder Associates, the company that conducted the study.

A Chicago company unveiled the results of the study to the Rockton Village Board Monday night and the options are all over the map. From van pooling to dial-up bus service to a water taxi, the proposals are numerous.

Rockton's mayor supports a plan where dial-up service will be used to get residents to bigger stations for an express bus service.

"I think that will open up a lot of doors for younger people, people that can't drive or the family that can't afford a car as well as the senior citizens," says Rockton Mayor Dale Adams.

Study implementers say employment and shopping opportunities are sprouting up in Machesney Park and that could drive the need for bus service, but funding is a concern.

"It's a great idea. I think it's needed but all of our communities have to be involved. I don't think it's something Rockton can do alone," says Mayor Adams.