Economic Impact of High Gas Prices

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Just when the national economy starts to look a little rosier, some local businesses are facing a new financial challenge.

"We do a lot of deliveries everyday. It's a big part of business," says Tamara Cornieux of B. Sanfield Florist and Jewelers.

B. Sanfield Florist makes nearly 70 deliveries a day, and like many delivery-based businesses, record high gas prices are taking their toll.

"We're being careful of our routing, where we're going. Being careful every day when we get in the van,” says Cornieux.

In fact, two years ago B. Sanfield had to increase its delivery fee as a result of rising gas costs. They hope this time Congress nips the problem in the bud so they won't have to raise costs this year.

"We're hoping that government will go to bat for us and businesses across America and get it under control," says Cornieux.

Cab drivers aren't faring much better. Rockford cabbies like Claude Smith have to cover the cost of gas for their taxis. At more than $20 a day, it's emptying out their wallets.

"It makes it rough when you don't have a lot of calls and you have to drive all around," says Smith.

Pump prices reached a national record high of a $1.80 this week. Analysts say they could spike to $2.00 a gallon this summer.

"I sure hope not. It's going to be rough if they do," says Smith.

If prices climb much higher, it could drive Smith and many other stateliners out of business.