Saving Atwood

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A couple of groups are trying to Save Atwood Park in more ways than just financially.

Saturday afternoon the New Milford Fire Department and the Cherry Valley Fire Department were working to Save Atwood Park from burning down. The Fire Department says a hiker was walking in the woods and flicked a cigarette.

The Fire Departments say the cigarette may have caused the fire. Some leaves caught on fire and the wind helped spread the fire into the woods. Crews were able to contain the blaze from getting out of hand.

Atwood has lots of friends working to make sure the park stays open. The Friends of Atwood and Charlotte's Web teamed up to raise money. This concert's main song played over and over is “Save Atwood Park.”

The Rockford Park District has set a certain level of funds that's needed to keep the park open. Right now these friends are trying to exceed that number in order to increase staff and programs offered. One way anyone can help is to buy COOL water that the group is selling at Woodman’s and other local gas stations.