Improved Access

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The idea is similar to the mass transit system of Chicago. Rockton-Roscoe and south Beloit want to create a regional bus system that will to link themselves with cities like Rockford and Janesville. If everybody gets onboard the cost is said to be nominal.

A two-year transit study that will be revealed on Monday will show communities north of Rockford like Rockton just how feasible a regional bus system through their area will be.

Rockton and south Beloit currently have bus service available only to senior citizens, which transports them only to medical facilities.

Roscoe has nothing and Rockton wants to expand this bus service to include destinations throughout the stateline area and be available to everybody.

Right now the thought is that a small bus service would taxi residents throughout the communities, then connect them to a regional transit system. That would involve bus systems in Rockford, Beloit and Janesville as well as Van Galder that currently transports people back and forth from Rockford to Janesville.

Eventually, Rockton wants this regional bus service to shuttle people to a water taxi that would begin where this old grain elevator now sits off Main and I-75.

Rockton Mayor Dale Adams says he envisions workers and tourists one day working on their laptop computers and visiting attractions like Jane at the Burpee Museum while be shuttled up and down the Rock River.

Adams would like to get this regional bus service on board by summer. The cost he says shouldn't be anymore than the $25,000 they currently pay for the limited service they already provide. All they would have to do is purchase a small bus and they hope to get state help with that.