McGuire Anniversary

It was one year ago this week that a Janesville woman was found dead in her downtown Beloit office. Julienne McGuire worked at Edward Jones along State Street.

On the morning of March 27th, co-workers discovered her body in her office. About a month later police arrested 35 year old Shawn Brooks because of a DNA match from the crime scene. His homicide trial was recently postponed for the third time and is now set for September.

McGuire's friends say the delays are frustrating but they'd rather wait and get it done once to avoid a mistrial. The trial's been delayed because Brooks has changed his lawyer and psychiatric evaluations are not done.

Outrageous may be the best way to describe this story out of Jo Davies County.

Police say 21 year old Mark Hendrickson lead them on a high speed chase down highway 20 yesterday and then near East Dubuque. He jumped out of his moving car and ran into a wooded area.

Police found him naked hiding in a ravine. He was arrested and now faces a DUI and other charges.

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