Weight Loss at Work

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Competitions at work usually revolve around growing profits. But here at Rockford Acromatic Products, gold stars are given to those with shrinking waistlines. Management has started a new wellness program that rewards employees for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

"Their attendance improves they're more productive both physically and mentally at work and I think it transfers over into their personal lives as well and improves their quality life as well," says Risk Manager Jim Knutson.

75-percent of Rockford Acromatic Workers are participating in the plan. They are given cash rewards for maintaining a healthy weight and team weight loss can rake in up to a-thousand dollars. Curt Smith joined about a year ago and says he's already lost 25-pounds.

"I've got a lot more energy and it's a lot more commodity around here since the program initiated," Smith says.

A Boston-based wellness company keeps track of the program, so ones weight could remain secret. Consultants have gathered the amount of calories in most dishes found in restaurants in our area, so employees know exactly what what they're putting into their mouths.

In the last year, Rockford Acromatic managers have already handed out 5-thousand dollars. They say healthier employees will lead to lower health insurance premiums and already production has increased ten-percent.

There are also cash rewards for those who are too thin and gain weight. Plus those who are already healthy are rewarded for maintaining their weight. Another Stateline company is joining in the latest craze as well. Wesley Willow, a retirement center just signed up.

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