Junk Food Ads Aimed At Children Shows

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A check of food commercials aimed at children shows lots of ads for candy, snacks and fast food but none for healthier diet choices.

In a study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, researchers logged more than 26-hundred food commercials geared toward children in the programming of 13 television networks between May and September of 2005.

The study says children ages eight to 12 see the most food ads on T-V, 21 each day. Teenagers see slightly fewer, 17 a day.

The study also shows that 40 percent of the commercials are about not-so-healthy foods. Nowhere on the dial were ads for fresh fruit, vegetables, poultry or seafood.

Last November, ten major food and drink makers, including McDonald's and Coca-Cola, agreed to devote at least half their ads to promote healthier diets and lifestyles for children. Those new policies have yet to be put into effect.

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