McDonald's Introduces Bunless Burgers

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McDonald’s is adding a new twist to a classic item, hoping dieters will be loving it.

First they introduced us to premium salads, then they told us they would stop super-sizing, but now McDonald’s is dropping their hamburger buns in hopes that it will help customers shed some pounds.

Thanks to popular low carbohydrate diets like The Zone and South Beach, McDonald’s is introducing the bunless burger. The new burger will come wrapped in lettuce in a small salad bowl with a knife and fork. It's not even available yet, but the bunless burger is already getting some mixed reviews from customers.

It’s not likely to appear on menu boards, but will be available early next month by special order. The bad news is they'll still cost you the same as the burgers with buns. Other fast food chains like Burger King already have similar bunless sandwiches available.