Hydrant Testing Could Cause Homeowners Alarm

Periodic neighborhood flushing of the city's water system will make sure hydrants are ready to supply the necessary water to fight fires.

When these tests take place, sediment in the pipes will be stirred up. Red and black particles may be seen in water.

Here is the warning: these particles can stain laundry and porcelain. It may take as long as two weeks for each area being tested to return to normal.

The water is not, repeat not, a danger to our health if consumed. It just looks bad.

Here are the first two areas to get tested: on the northeast side in an area bounded by Mulford on the west, Riverside on the north, the city limits on the east and Spring Creek on the south.

The second area in bounded by Rockton on the west, the city limits on the north, the Rock River on the east, and Halsted on the south.