Paying for a Fatal Day

You might remember a storm that came out of nowhere in 1999? It was in February along I-90 near the Kishwaukee River. Icy roads led to a 17-car pile-up, but the most life-changing event five years ago happened to a family of four.

On February 12, 1999, four-year-old Teagan Yoder of Rolling Meadows was killed. Her two-year-old brother suffered permanent brain damage from the accident. The father and mother received multiple fractures and head injuries.

So why are we taking a trip back to this tragic day? Well, five years later those responsible for this multiple car truck crash have to pay. Friday, after five days of deliberation, a verdict was returned on who caused the pileup.

Three trucking firms from Chicago and Indiana will pay $38.3 million to the Yoder family in damages.