The Bugs Are Back in Town

Tuesday’s 70° warmth is proof positive that spring has arrived! That means the return of baseball, short sleeves, and a familiar nuisance.

They're back! Announcing the return of public nuisance number one, the box elder bug, after a hiatus lasting much of the winter. Public nuisance number two goes by the name of the Asian lady beetle. Native to China, this tiny insect likes to dwell on tall cliffs. But since our area lacks the aforementioned cliffs, both sets of bugs choose our homes instead.

Jim Dalca, owner of JD Pest Control says, “They swarm in the spring and fall and they tend to congregate on the south side of the buildings. However, they can be active throughout the winter.”

And indeed they have, thanks to a milder than normal past few months. Of course, exterminators love having these pests around. Many have been busy for more than six weeks. While exterminators are highly successful in ridding area homes of bugs,
next-door neighbors often don't fare as well.

Jim says, “One neighbor may have a nightmare problem one year and then all of the bugs land on the neighbor's house the next year.”

So what can you do? Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts.


    1. Use Borax (found at any home improvement store.)
    2. Monitor dirt’s location relative to siding.
    3. Keep your house as dry as you can.


    1. Don’t use too much mulch in your yard.
    2. Don’t use too many landscaping timbers or railroad ties.
    3. Don’t leave your basement only partially finished.

Bugs are many times attracted to vinyl siding and wooden homes. If at all possible go with brick or other exterior building surfaces.