House Explosion Kills Two

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Dylan Dray got the call around 3:30 this morning...Someone had reported an explosion is his parent's rural Boone County neighborhood.
"One neighbor who lives about three blocks away said the explosion woke him up."
Dray grew up the house at 8814 Olson it's nothing but rubble. His parents, George and Bonnie Dray, celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary here last year. Both had been living with debilitating illnesses for 18 years.
"With the exception of one doctor's appointment, my dad hasn't left the house in eight months."
Both his parents relied on oxygen tanks in the house, which fire officials say just added more fuel to the inferno. He blames his parent's immobility for their death.
"It looks like, once the fire started, my mom tried to do what she could to get my dad out, realized she couldn't get him out, tried to get out herself and didn't make it."
An only child, Dylan and his daughter Ashley are left with the difficult tasks of contacting family and friends...and preparing to say goodbye to two people he says were taken too soon.
"Just gotta take it one day at a time."

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