Rental Housing Support Program

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Thousands of Illinois families each month play the low income/high housing cost game.

It's a monthly struggle for working families to keep a roof over their head. Affordable housing is a big issue as minimum wage isn't enough to pay the rent. Proposed legislation to help with rental housing is stuck in the rules and regulations committee in Springfield.

House Bill 4100 would make rent affordable to families living at 30 percent or less of the area median income, which in Rockford is $17,000.

$30 million would be available annually for new development and rental subsidies. The program is a cost effective way to provide housing. Cities end up spending more money on the homeless who end up in an institution or behind bars.

The program would be funded with a state fee on real estate documents, then the Illinois Housing Development Authority would distribute dollars. Rockford would then have local control of where the money goes.