A Look Back on Palm Sunday

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One local church marked this Palm Sunday by reliving the past.

A very powerful scene of the crucifixion of Christ is one of the most poignant images of the Christian faith. It was relived Sunday by Hispanic members of Saint Peter and Paul Church to honor the Palm Sunday observance.

This real life adaptation of the passion of the Christ was inspired by the movie. Mel Gibson is said to have painted a broad stroke of the pain and heartache that Jesus is said to have endured for mankind, but this epoch story hopes to send a different message.

This is the first time any member of this community can ever remember a church re-telling such a powerful story. The words were all spoken in Spanish during a six-hour portrayal at Mandeville Park in Rockford, but the violent images caught the attention from people of many faiths.

Many here hope their story won't be the last.