Extrication Training

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Firefighters are doing what they can to try and give victims a fighting chance during an accident, but the safety of fire fighters is also put at risk.

Hundreds of drivers lose their lives each day in auto accidents, but firefighters are doing what they can to cut down on the number of fatalities.

It's called the “golden hour”, that is the amount of time a critically injured passenger has to survive an accident. So, every minute counts when trying to extricate drivers from their vehicles and get them to the hospital.

New cars are protecting people better during accidents, but those safety measures are also posing a clear and present danger to firefighters. More than 400 firefighters and some 70 fire departments took part in this extrication exercise Saturday in Amboy, IL. This is a day to cut, rip and pull apart cars to try and beat the clock and give accident victims those crucial minutes medical personal need to same them.

With farming season about to begin, Saturday’s exercise also gave firefighters a refresher course on extrication with combines. Farming is said to have one of the highest incident rates of injury and death. Most firefighters even in rural areas say they have never seen a farm accident.