War Protests

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This Saturday, protestors lined the streets all over the world to voice their concern to the continued war in Iraq.

It was a quiet demonstration in Rockford to the growing opposition around the world to America's role in Iraq. Dozens of local protestors lined the corner of State and Alpine on Saturday carrying peace flags and homemade signs saying bring our troops home.

This protest brought together military moms and peace activists all calling for the end to American occupation in Iraq. The demonstration eventually marched down Alpine to a rally at the Unitarian Church on Turner Street.

This protest in Rockford is lending a voice to the growing anti-war message across the globe, but was dwarfed by similar demonstrations around the world.

From New York to Tokyo, thousands of war protestors took to the streets. In Chicago, thousands of marchers descended near Michigan Avenue. The group stretched six blocks as their anti-war march moved to the federal building. Hundreds of police in riot gear escorted the protestors to keep the march from becoming violent like last year.

Here in Rockford protestors hope their demonstration is a call to arms for people to keep the peace movement alive.