Iraqi War 4th Anniversary

Four years after the war started, students at Beloit College didn't focus on whether or not we should have invaded Iraq or if we should still be there. Instead they focused on the pain war brings.

About a dozen students simultaneously read the names of victims of the war, but it wasn't just names like Phillip Williams or Eric Bowman, both American soldiers. It was names like Mahdi Al Jubari and Hashim Mohamed Ahni Iraqi civilians.

“Some people think I’m being too harsh and that American soldiers are victims of the government here as well. I can see how they can think that, but compared to Iraqis, they are not victims they are weapons used by the American government,” Said Zainab Alkhawhaa, an Iraqi student studying in America.

But that argument is a hard sell for parents of American soldiers. Bill and Barbara Gerber’s son Brian has been to Iraq.

“If I were in (Alkhawhaa’s) shoes, I would be upset. I don’t necessarily agree with her, but I will defend her right to say it just as I will defend my son’s right,” said Bill Gerber.

They say their son has seen Iraq improve, and that they are proud of what he is doing. They say he is confident that he is helping both Americans at home and the people of Iraq.