Pet Food Recall Update

A nationwide pet food recall is hitting home in stateline.

Shirley and Steve Johnson from Machesney Park say they've never seen their dog Wiggie get sick like she did recently. Their 12 year old canine is recovering now but the past few days weren't pleasant. The dog had diarrhea and vomited. The owners says the sickness came after trying out some new food for the dog. When the symptoms got worse, they took Wiggie to the vet. There, they learned kidney failure was to blame.

The dog's treatment includes a daily IV and antibiotics and her owners say they're working. She's thrilled to see her dog improving but urges other pet owners to visit their vet if their pets gets sick like Wiggie did.

If you want to see if your dog's or cat's food is part of the recall here's what to look for: Menu Food's Wet "Cuts and Gravy" style pet food. The food comes in cans and pouches. It was made between December of 2006 and March of this year. It's sold under nearly 100 different brands, including Iams and Nutro.

Menu Foods believes the recall may be linked to wheat gluten, a protein source used in the affected products.

For more information you can call (866)895-2780 or visit Menu Foods website.

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