Super Jumbo Jet

NEW YORK (AP) -- The latest jetliner to claim the title of world's biggest passenger aircraft has completed it first voyage to North America.

The Airbus A-380 super jumbo jet touched down at New York's Kennedy Airport shortly after noon to the cheers of onlookers.

On board Lufthansa Flight 8940 were nearly 500 people, including four pilots and more than two dozen crew members. Most of the passengers were Airbus and Lufthansa employees, along with some reporters, but the flight was to operate like a normal commercial flight, with full services.

The plane is more than 200 feet long with a wing span wider than a football field. One pilot says "you would think this would be like driving a truck" but says it's more "like driving a Ferrari."

The flight is a chance for the financially struggling Airbus to show off the super jumbo to potential U-S buyers.

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