Top Educator Search

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He's finding out what challenges he may face. He is Dr. Dennis Horton, the leading candidate for the Rockford school district's top job. He is in town this week as the School Board decides his fate.

Dr. Dennis Thompson visited several Rockford schools Thursday while the Rockford School Board decides if this Nashville school director will make the grade as district's 205's next superintendent.

While roaming the halls at Resa Elementary Thursday afternoon, Thompson says he understands the daunting tasks in front of him, from dealing with a growing budget deficit to addressing poor student achievement in the district.

Even with these obstacles Thompson says he still wants this job, and that partially involves a grass roots effort he says to get the district more involved in the everyday problems faced by teachers and principals, a communication gap that educators want to see bridged.

Thompson is the only finalist the School Board is considering to become the district's next superintendent. Experience in finance, education and his ability to communicate are just some of the reasons why they are high on him.

So the only questions left are when will the school board make an offer to make Thompson there next superintendent, and will Thompson accept this offer? Were told these questions could be answered next week.