Body Found

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The body of a female was found inside a first-floor motel room this afternoon. The Winnebago County Coroner says she suffered severe trauma, but won't say what kind of injury she sustained. Coroner Sue

Fiduccia says the woman is of white color and believed to be in her late 30's. Fiduccia has identified her, but is not releasing her name to the public until all family members have been notified. Police are not telling us what kind of weapon was used, but whatever it is, killed her.

The woman is believed to have been staying at the Red Roof Inn and was discovered by one of her family members.

"They're in a state of shock, they also want answers and as we're telling them we don't have answers right now but we're sure gonna work to get some answers in the next day or so," Fiduccia says.

Police are treating the case as a death investigation. However, they are not looking for any suspects. The woman's body was already taken to the Public Safety Building where an autopsy will be performed on Monday.

A toxicology report will be released in two-to-three weeks. The Coroner's Office says it should release the woman's name tomorrow.