Polls Suggest Public Divided on Iraq a Year Later

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A year after the start of the Iraq war, new polls show how divided Americans are over Iraq.

When asked how much the U.S. should spend there, about 40 percent said the government spend more or the same, but 31 percent said spend less and 22 percent said spend no money at all.

The poll, by the National Annenberg Election Survey, also found an almost equal split on the president's handling of Iraq with 47 percent saying they approve, and 49 percent saying they don't. When it comes to whether Iraq was worth going to war over,
the survey found an almost equal split.

A CNN USA Today Gallup poll asked people what they think will happen if U-S troops leave Iraq. They were divided with 48 percent saying there'll be civil war, and 45 percent saying Iraqis will be able to establish a stable government.